One week until Christmas – Let the mad dash begin!

Need some emergency, back-up, or last minute gifts? Below are some of my favorite things that are sure to be a win for any of your recipients!

Kate Spade Gumball earrings – I got these beauties during Bloomingdale’s Friends and Family last year and they have been a wardrobe staple ever since. They’re big and twinkly without looking ridiculous or costumey (yes, I just made that word up.) Available at at Bloomingdales.

MARC by Marc Jacobs gloves – There were many Utah football games this fall where I wished for the ability to check my iPhone without chilling my finally-warm hands. These gloves are the solution! Warm and stylish, with special fingertips that finally provide warmth and the ability to use your touch-screen device.  Nordstrom

Kirkland Sheets – These sheets are amazing. AKA the BEST. I was introduced to them while staying at my friend’s beach house and was convinced they were supremely expensive and high end until while stripping the sheets at the end of our stay I saw the Kirkland tag. For less than $100, they will dress my mattress for years to come. Available at Costco.

Capri Blue Volcano Candle – This has been a favorite for years and is what my home always aspires to smell like. Something about it just makes me happy. Sweet citrus that fills a room without overpowering it. From Anthropologie.

Roku – When I moved into my own place I quickly realized that the downside of no roommates was not having anyone to split the cable bill with. The upside was having two televisions to myself. So I beefed up my internet package, got rid of the DVR and picked up a Roku. With built-in wifi, this device delivers Netflix, Hulu, Amazon movie rentals (and more!) without monthly fees. Available at Roku, Best Buy, and Costco.

L’Occitane Immortelle Brightening UV Sheild -  I’ve reached the point in my 20’s where I’ve become concerned about protecting my skin, and am cursing my early 20’s when I was so “careless about sunscreen” (you’re right mom.) This brightening lotion protects and improves your skin, while giving you a lovely glow. Perfect in the winter when I feel like my skin is looking dull from the harsh weather and inversion. Available at L’Occitane, Nordstrom, and others.

Grand Chenille Throw - Soft, cozy and available in a great variety of colors. This blanket is the perfect weight and carries through all seasons. Available from Potterybarn.

Laundry Fragrance – I got this as a gift a few years ago and I’ve been in love with it ever since. I save it for my sheets and dedicates, and it makes them smell like a dream. Buy online from The Good Home Co. or at Hip & Humble in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Feed 100 Bag - This was an impulse buy when I was grocery shopping in DC; I had a metro ride and a quarter mile walk from the store to my house and it was pouring outside – not a good time to be carrying a paper bag full of groceries. So I grabbed this Feed bag off the shelf, unzipped it and loaded up my goods. Not only is the compact, zippered design great for keeping in my purse, but profits go toward helping feed school meals to children in need. Win and WIN. After four years, it still looks great and has held up many trips through the washing machine. Buy online and learn more about the organization from  The Feed Foundation, or from your local Whole Foods.

Glass carafes – After all the scary things I’ve read about storing foods in plastics, I started looking for some glass containers to use in lieu of plastic. These Italian bottles are beautiful, functional and of course – BPA free! I always have one or two filled with water in my fridge, and they’ve come in handy for parties when I want to serve from something cute. I’ve given these as gifts a number of times, including my mom and brothers who fell in love with how great the water tasted stored in glass. Buy online from Bloomingdales or at Hip & Humble in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kindle – I will be honest, I was not interested in reading books in digital format. I like the feeling of holding a paper book, turning the pages, and the back-lit contrast drove me nuts. Then I finally looked at a Kindle after my friend Natalie raved about hers, and I fell in love instantly. The screen contrast feels like you’re looking at paper, it’s small and light, and since it’s not back-lit there is ZERO reflection in the sun. This Kindle was my constant companion this past summer and the park, pool and everywhere else. I have been burning through books ever since. I could go on and on and on. Thank you Amazon!

Tarte blush – This little buddy stays in my purse. Just a quick dab on your cheeks and you have a nice, natural, glowy blush. Tarte uses natural, dermatologist-tested ingredients that help improve the health of your skin. Find at Sephora.

Celestial Coasters – Pretty and practical! These hand-made beauties are sure to be a win. $32 for a set of 4 from Anthropologie online or buy them individually at an Anthro store.

Amazing Grace Fragrance Mist – This is my favorite fragrance from Philosophy. I have sensitive skin so I frequently have problems if I spray fragrance directly on my skin – with the exception of this. I spray this mist all over after I get out of the shower, get dressed, then finish off with a spritz of my favorite perfume. Subtle enough to mix with other fragrances, or use alone and smell fresh and clean. Available at Philosophy or Nordstrom.

Lap Desk - Saturday mornings have become a blissful time of my week. I sit in bed and catch up on my weekday shows while I read blogs, e-mail and once in a blue moon update my own blog. Since I melted the battery in my last Mac using a pillow to prop it up on my lap which blocked the fan, I got a lap desk to preserve the life of this machine. I was excited when I found this on sale, which was available online when I started this post, but now it’s sold out because there aren’t enough consecutive Saturdays to blog, so check your local  Potterybarn.

Ceramic Slicer - This is a staple in my kitchen. SUPER, super sharp so be careful if you buy one, but you will love it. Perfect for slicing veggies for salads and recipes. From Williams-Sonoma.

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    It is no wonder why i love you so much….. I too love lots of these things on your list!!!! In fact i need to go purchase a few of these items this week. And let me just put a plug in for kirkland sheets, amazing grace, ceramic knife, and volcano candle…….. AMAZING!! LOVE, LOVE…. perhaps i should purchase some kate spade earrings? i think yes!