Staycation 2011.

Since I haven’t taken any time off this year, except to deal with catastrophes, I decided to take a week off – to do nothing. The grand plan was to begin my staycation on Friday at 5pm, at which point I would depart for Cedar City to spend time with my niece/nephews/sister/bro-in-law who stopped by for a week visit during their move from Portland to Virginia.

To remain consistent with my 2011 string of luck, promptly at 6pm on Friday I came down with an illness that I will describe as e.coli death. So days 1-3 of staycation were spent dying in my condo, and day 4 was spent dying at my parent’s house. I’m finally mostly alive again and am jumping into my staycation with full force.

This morning was spent playing with this little guy, who puts a face to the phrase “fat and happy.”

At 5 month old, he weighs nearly as much as his 2-year-old brother. I pretty much love him; he’s just so cute and squishy. Lots of play time was needed, since he’s moving so far away from me.

He hung out with me in the morning and helped me with my e-mails, but then I got distracted by the cuteness of the dimples on his feet, and the fat rolls on his thighs.

After lunch we all said goodbye to my sister, brother-in-law, and car full of kiddies and then I wasted the afternoon away on a pool raft with a book.

Tonight I plan on eating a full meal. Wish me luck!

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  1. sophie #

    there has been no traumatic experiences as of late, so please post new blog soon. xoxoxo